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How To Write Lyrics


How To Write Lyrics Like A Pro:

Learn how to write lyrics like professional songwriters by following this secret recipe for success. Professional songwriters don’t just scribble down a few lines and create a #1 hit radio song. They follow a step by step process following a blueprint that develops an idea into an actual song. Anybody in the world can follow these steps and turn an idea into a piece of music. All you need is your imagination and this guide on how to write lyrics.

The Power of a Rhyming Dictionary:

The Songwriter’s Most Powerful Tool:

How To Write Lyrics with a Rhyming DictionaryAsk yourself: Have you ever been sitting down at your desk trying to write lyrics but get stuck on a line because you can’t think of a good rhyme to use in the next line? Or have you resorted to using a plain and boring rhyme such as “mad and bad” just because you couldn’t think of anything better?

microphoneIf so, then a rhyming dictionary will be your new best friend.

All you have to do is flip to the page with your word just like you would do if you were searching for its definition in a dictionary. Once you find your word you will see a list of words that rhyme with it.

You can easily see how a rhyming dictionary will help you write lyrics by instantly providing you will a full arsenal of words and ammo for your songs. Instead of sitting there for hours stressing out while trying to think of all of the words that rhyme with one another you can simply flip to a page in a rhyming dictionary or enter a search term at a rhyming website such as and immediately have hundreds of ideas at your fingertips. People have already done all of that hard so you don’t have to, and the result is a rhyming dictionary!

How To Write Lyrics With Writer’s Block:

Getting Ideas For Song Lyrics:

How To Write Lyrics with Writers BlockSitting on your livingroom couch thinking about what to write lyrics about may not always bring out the best of your ideas. Have you ever listened to a song that nearly brought you to tears, or maybe a song that actually did make you cry? Did you feel inspired during that moment?

tools-to-battle-writers-blockThese are the kind of situations you want to put yourself in if you want an instant motivation for song lyric ideas. I personally come up with my best song ideas and write lyrics at my best after watching a movie with a strong message. It is a great way to kickstart your imagination, and the most beneficial part is that it is a boost of emotion. If you write lyrics when you are feeling heavy with emotion then it is easier for you to translate those feelings into a song. It is all about getting in that zone.

There have been times when I would sit at my desk with empty thoughts and just couldn’t think of any good song ideas. Then again there have been times where I am in that zone and have so many ideas and lyrics in my head that I can’t put them all on paper at once and fear that I might forget them.

Another way to get song ideas is to read. Go read something – anything. Find a sentence or phrase that carries a punch or that leaves your thoughts open and see if you can turn it into a song idea.

For example, I just went to a random page on the internet and the first thing I read was about an injured man trying to stand without his crutches… aha! I just turned that into a song idea: “Stand Without Crutches” can be about learning how to stand up without crutches such as an alcoholic using alcohol as a “crutch” to deal with pain. Now I need to get my rhyming dictionary and begin to write lyrics about overcoming addiction or alcoholism and learning how to stand without those crutches and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Tara Kelly

Tara Kelly works as a columnist and as a freelance writer. She also works with a number of non profit organizations such as the Feeding America.

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