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Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars) is an anime about battles of cooking as the name suggests. This anime has gotten popular in the few months it has been airing and it’s also been received pretty well. But is it any good or is it just another one of these popular but boring anime, that I’ll discuss in this review.

Narrative – 8/10

You should have recognized that the anime revolves around Soma Yukihira who needs to eventually become a cook and surpass his father in cooking. Some information happens and Soma ends up in Totsuki Academy, which is the top cooking school in Japan. After reading the synopsis, you have to have come to the final outcome that it’s not exceptional or particular, but that does not make it bad. The narrative isn’t anything even special but the other facets of the show are so well done that it makes you believe that the storyline is better than it really is.

Artwork and Cartoon – 9/10

The animation of the show, to be described in a single word, is brilliant. While one can say that virtually all anime which are released these days have really great animation, Shokugeki no Soma’s animation is a degree above most others. If you wish to know more about Shokugeki No Soma go to this web page. (while not being as great as something made by ufotable but it is still very detailed and flowing). The best thing about Food Wars’s art is the way they show food, it is really good. The art is consistent throughout the show and does not get bad at any moment. The openings and ending too are animated nicely. The designs of the characters are, for the most part, exceptional as well, with most characters having distinct layouts. Nevertheless, you can argue that Erina Nakiri(one of the female protagonists) looks pretty darn similar to Asuna Yuuki from SAO.

Characters – 9/10

The cast in this anime is pretty enormous, which you would anticipate from a shounen anime like this. There are competitions, friends, upperclassmen, etc but they have gotten fairly great display time to share their characters.

Our wonderful protagonist, Soma Yukihira is only really amazing. He can be OP occasionally with his dishes but he is amazing, nonetheless. He is and isn’t your typical shounen protagonist. while I say he is your typical shounen protag, I look into the reality that he’s got a goal of surpassing someone, he is fairly determined to do that, etc. while I say he isn’t, the unique features of his characters come out: his self-assurance, he is good at what he does, he is haughty. Now, here his conceit does a fantastic job since it is really fun to see the competition’s reactions after they’re brought down by his words, and most importantly, he amuses us. For an anime like Food Wars, he’s the perfect protagonist.

Both main female characters of the show are bloody good: Megumi Tadokoro is your standard bungling, scared girl from a small village who expects of making it big here. While there is nothing much unique about her character as of yet, she has done her job well so far and is getting development and she does get more courageous as the anime progresses. Erina Nakiri is the tsundere who’s also called “God Tongue” because of her capability to just recognize the best of foods. She is the daughter of the Director(or something big shot of Totsuki at least.) and her family is just one of the leads in culinary eateries and other stuff in the world. She is prideful, arrogant and also would ruin whatever could stand in her way of being no. 1 in Totsuki; anyone other than Soma. Erina hates Soma and you will understand why she does after seeing the first couple of episodes. The interactions between Soma and Erina are interesting to watch, actually entertaining to watch. Though the show hasn’t focused on Erina too much as of yet, but I am sure she will be getting her time in this second half. The remaining characters, also, as I mentioned, are entertaining to watch. Some of their interactions are hilarious while some will show you the intensity of the battles occurring in Food Wars.


1. Tremendously amusing. 2. Astounding humor and also you’ll jump from your seat while watching some of them. 3. Great cartoon and soundtrack. 4. Immensely amusing character interactions.


Humor can get out of control occasionally with the ecchi. If you’re not a fan of ecchi, you might not like the characters’ reactions after they eat the food. They get naked and play and play like they’re having climaxes. Go to this website to discover more about Shokugeki No Soma News. A lot of folks have appreciated this but some mightn’t. However, the great thing is the fact that these get less and less as the anime progresses and by around episode 8, these foodgasms are reduced since the anime starts to get more serious and take off to the skies.

Enjoyment: 10/10 This anime is a hell of a ride and the entertainment value of the show is right up there. The very first episode is nothing compared to what the next few episodes bring to you. The thing got better and better with each passing episode.

Overall – 9.5/10 In my opinion, Shokugeki no Soma is the greatest anime released in the year 2015. I guess, the stats it’s on MAL speaks for itself. I’d definitely advise this anime to you personally, even if you are not a fan of such anime, it’s worth your time and I’m practically certain that you won’t regret seeing it.

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